Audio Instruction


We are able to provide one-on-one band or group learning sessions. These sessions can cover any of the recording arts within a time span that suits the client.

We can offer advice on home recording equipment and support any questions you may have around your current home studio set up. You may be needing advice on how to achieve the best from your current performance gear, or want the ability to record your practice sessions using these recordings to focus on song development.

Whatever your interest or question, David loves to share his passion to assist musicians to understand what constitutes good sound, and how to capture and deliver it successfully. He shares his knowledge in an interactive style with verbal instruction, and hands-on use of equipment. You could even bring a project that you need support with. Topics covered include:

  • Setting up systems, studios & signal flow
  • Acoustic properties and mic use
  • How to record different instruments
  • Recording in digital mediums – learning to listen
  • Sound and how speakers work
  • Compression, EQ and effects – what, how and when to use them
  • How to track a band and maintain the vibe
  • Mixing, midi and arrangement
  • What happens in a mix
  • Getting the best sound set up (with your own gear)
  • What gear does and what to look for to supply your needs

Your tutor David Trail began his musical career during the seventies and has gained an extensive knowledge of both traditional audio gear as well as the most up-to-date equipment. A professional musician, performer and songwriter, David has produced five personal albums and has owned is own commercial studio for 30 years.

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