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Here at Tsunami Sound Studios we also offer an intimate, well appointed acoustic concert venue. With it’s own red carpet entrance, comfortable seating for 45 and Rimu panelling, this popular performance space offers a wonderful atmosphere along with beautiful acoustics. The many windows allow for a well-lit, airy daytime event, while at night its soft drapes and subtle lighting make for a cosy and intimate atmosphere. The low stage is back-draped and back-lit with fairy lights and coloured PAR can lighting from the ceiling.

A full sound system is installed with quality JBL LSR-32 front of house speakers. Mic lines, DI’s and mic stands are all available; being run from a RAMSA WR-S4412 live mixing console and using CLE 4.0 Quad Compressor Limiter and ART Professional Two Channel Tube Parametric Equaliser.

David, our professional recording engineer, runs the sound system for music concerts. We have the ability to record or video your live concert, and are happy to discuss these options with you.

Touring bands and guest artists wishing to perform at the venue are paid roughly 2/3rd of the agreed cash ticket price, the remainder supports the running costs of the venue; which usually includes a fully catered supper/afternoon tea in our adjoining lounge. The ticket price is set in line with other local venues which we have found maximises attendance. We are happy to discuss your requirements.

Evening events are normally held on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We aim to avoid the 2nd Friday of each month as this is our Levin Folk Club concert night. We are also happy to accommodate Sunday matinee concerts.

Please contact Adele for all venue inquiries including catering and event promotion.

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